"When AIS's experience is joined with their buying power, their customer receives a level of value that is unbeatable."

Dave Vorsas, President
JDC Company
A Triumph Group Company



With each salesperson in our sales staff having between 10 to 43 years of experience, you can feel confident that you are receiving reliable service and the highest quality parts. Responding to your inquiry, a sales team member will search our database of over one million part numbers, cross references and prices along with our extensive inventory of over 125,000 line items. Our salesperson will prepare an immediate quotation of our most competitive price and availability.

To place an order or simply ask a question, you may contact any member of the sales team directly using our state of the art telecommunication and computer system via direct dial, fax or email located at each workstation. We have created a professional environment for fast and reliable results.

Our inventory includes new parts and equipment acquired directly with full documentation from the leading manufacturers in the industry as well as new surplus material from many of the most respected operators. All overhauled and repaired equipment in inventory has been certified by a select group of FAA/JAA certified repair stations.

Our quality control team carefully inspects your order prior to shipping to ensure that all documentation is included and correct. Each item is boxed to aircraft industry specifications using foam-in-place packaging or the Ranpak® cushioning paper system. When required, crates and boxes are assembled to meet aircraft industry specifications in our wood shop. Aviation Instrument Services looks forward to serving you and welcomes you to visit our 21,000 square foot custom built facility.

Check out our extensive inventory:


o Flight Instruments
o Navigation Instruments
o Engine Instruments
o Transmitters
o Remote Gyros
o Clocks
o Sale or Exchange
o Approx. 26,000 in stock

o Radar
o Inverters
o Control Heads
o Sale or Exchange
o Approx. 1,400 in stock

o Actuators
o Fuel Controls
o Governors
o Flight Controls
o Grimes Lighting
o Engine Accessories
o Misc. Panels
o Sale or Exchange
o Approx. 3,200 in stock