One of our selected facilities

"AIS has continually offered a very high level of personal and professional service in sub-contract repairs and overhauls..."

Greg Lindley, Managing Director, Helispares Ltd.


AIS offers very unique capabilities regarding the handling of repairs of instruments, avionics and accessories for all types of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. As a customer with multiple units to be sent out for repair or overhaul, you often try to decide the proper shop to use and then hope for quick service at a fair price. When a warranty problem arises with a unit and the shop you used does not carry any exchanges or loaners, you must send the unit back and wait for repair. With repairs handled by AIS, you would be sent an exchange at no charge provided we have it in our inventory or the inventory of any of the shops with which we deal. We make every effort to assist you in any way possible.

We have long-term relationships with a network of over 30 highly qualified repair facilities, each with their individual expertise or specialty. Through our large volume of repairs (over 3,600 units in the past 12 months), we are able to receive preferred pricing and delivery from our selected repair facilities.

Through our experience and expertise, we actually manage the repair or overhaul and enjoy the unique ability to support the repairs through our vast inventory of over 85,000 end items and piece parts. It is important to know when a unit can be repaired and not overhauled therefore drastically reducing the cost. We feel a responsibility to our customers to provide service at a highly professional and competitive level. We take this responsibility seriously.