Aviation Instrument Services, Inc. (AIS) was established in 1977, and for over 43 years has been serving the aviation industry with one goal in mind; to build a reputation of excellence in service. Following our goal, we have developed into a multi-dimensional company providing a variety of services to meet our customers’ needs. These services include providing quality instrumentation to the general / corporate aviation and helicopter markets through both outright and exchange sales as well as providing an efficient, single source management of component repairs and overhauls through our approved repair shop network. To aid many of our customers with their surplus inventory pains, we have established a very attractive consignment program that allows companies to offload their surplus to our facility for us to manage and sell. Using this program, our customers have been able to free up large sections in their warehouses of maturing inventory and fill them with more desirable inventory using the cash flow we produce for them. Throughout the years, we have also been able to use our excellent reputation and vendor relationships to assist our overseas customers with their diverse procurement requirements for aviation equipment here in the United States. These are just a few of the many services we now offer at AIS. We hope you will spend some time to learn a little more about our company and we look forward to serving you.